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The CHIA Board would like for everyone to be patient as we switched over to a new website. You will create a new profile to be a member. We believe the new site will be a HUGE change that everyone will like. 

You should have received an email about the new website, check your spam or clutter  folders of the email you have on file.

Open a new window and type in the address below, that link may not work.


If you have questions please email Amber Heinlein amberheinlein@chia187.com

or Brian McDonald treasurer@chia187.com


The mission of the California Homicide Investigators Association (CHIA) is to provide investigative support, training and networking opportunities to homicide investigators, prosecutors and death investigation professionals throughout the Western United States.


The "cornerstone" of our Association is our annual training conference that now attracts upwards of 800 homicide detectives, coroner investigators, crime scene technicians and prosecutors from across the nation. During this three-day event, the participants attend notable case presentations and training seminars. In addition, the conference provides a fertile environment for networking, individual case evaluations and discussions regarding the latest investigative techniques and technologies with some of the top investigators and prosecutors in the country.


Contact Amber Heinlein @ 916.524.8176


email: amberheinlein@chia187.com

California Homicide Investigators Association

c/o San Jose Police Department

ATTN: Detective Brian McDonald

201 W. Mission Street, Suite 305

San Jose, CA 95110

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